5 HR Blog Posts You Should Read

5 HR blog post to make you better in HR.

Here is some of the reading that I am doing that I thought you should read too, 5 HR blog posts you should read.

  1. First up is Jon Hyman at the Ohio Employers Law Blog. He writes about  The NLRB’s dangerous course: arbitration waivers and protected concerted activity. For those of you that have arbitration clauses in your companies need to pay attention. The NLRB is on the way to declaring them illegal because they are “protected concerted activity.” Bad news that hopefully will not stand the test in court.
  2. Next up is a quick and succinct message from Frank Roche at Know HR on Delete a Bad HR Policy Day. “Nuff said.”
  3. Seth Godin asks the question Is catastrophizing effective? And of course he answers the question as well. Recognize any of your people in this short read?
  4. Robert Reich is the longest read of the day, but this is the kind of stuff you need to pay attention to, especially you senior HR people. This is your ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING LESSON OF THE WEEK. How Europe’s Double Dip Could Become America’s.
  5. To end this I go back to Jon Hyman again. (I love this guy’s stuff! BTW he now writes for Workforce) In this post entitled $27,000 buys a lot of chalupas: Taco Bell settles religious discrimination lawsuit with EEOC Jon provides us with a lesson on the necessity of religious accommodation.

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