Employers Provide Too Little Leave


Only 5% of companies allow leave for family illnesses
I have to admit that I was floored the other day when I read an article about the amount of time employers are giving off in addition to vacation. My first thought was employers are not providing enough leave.
Here is what I read:
The survey of nearly 4,500 benefit plans covering over 6 million employees across the U.S. revealed that, in addition to vacation days and sick days, employers offered paid time off for:

      • Death in the family (33.3 percent of employers). Employees are granted an average of 3.4 days off.
      •  Jury duty (33 percent).
      •  Military leave (17.2 percent).
      •  Maternity leave, paternity leave and adoption leave (8.6 percent).
      •  Family illness (5.1 percent).

ONLY 33% of employers give some time off for DEATH? Obviously they have never had to deal with the death of a loved one.
ONLY 33% give time for jury duty? So much for being good citizens!
ONLY 17% give time for military duty? Am I missing something? I thought this was a law?
ONLY 5% give time for family illness? Only 8% for parental time?
Just so you know, I am not some bleeding heart, social liberal. However, I have read all the statistics about the fact that happy employees make more productive employees and productive employees make more money for their companies. And employees are not going to be happy and productive if their employers do not allow some time in their lives to live their lives. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
The only conclusion is that too many businesses are heartless. That needs to be changed. Someone make me feel better about businesses and tell me about your time off policies.
Source: Employers Offering Paid Time Off for Special Circumstances  by Stephen Miller, CEBS

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