HR Carnival: It is all about staying current

The HR Carnival: Collective Wisdom

I have written numerous times about the need to stay current in your field. I have talked about some tools. Today you can carry a world of knowledge with you in your smart phone or tablet computer. There is no excuse. Jon Ingham, who writes the blog HR Space, published this month’s HR Carnival: Feeding vs Obsolescence. As Jon puts it this HR Carnival features “… a great mix of HR blogs from around the world including Malaysia, India and Abu Dhabi, as well as the UK and the US …We’ll start with nine posts focusing on leadership and individual effectiveness, a number of which have a particular focus on the requirements to be an effective HR practitioner. There’s also a repeated focus here on the need for people to keep themselves fed with new knowledge…We’re then onto seven posts on what HR actually needs to do to be effective, including recruiting, learning, talent management, and the use of employee surveys and metrics.”
So check out this version of the HR Carnival and see if you are staying current.

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