Three Great Reads in HR

Today I have three great reads in HR which might get you hopping.
First up is from Jeff Nowak and his blog FMLA Insights. He answers a question on whether you can require an employee who has been out on intermittent FMLA to make up the time. What do you think? Check out FMLA FAQ: Can an Employer Require an Employee to Make Up Time Taken as FMLA Leave?
The second one comes from the Labor Relations Institute and the news is not good. Read Posting Rule Update: Brace for Concerted Activity!
The third post is interesting, and not scary like the other two. With all the talk about Results Only Work Environments going on today Derek Irvine asks and answers the question on whether you should be paying someone for results or for their knowledge. Very interesting discussion. Take a look at Are You Paying Employees for Results or Knowledge?
These three blog posts will make you smarter than when you started and you will be prepared to spread your knowledge at work on Monday.

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