A Few Simple Leadership Lessons

On Sunday an article was published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sunday March 18. It was a feature called 5 Questions for the Boss written by Henry Ungar of the AJC. Mr. Ungar interviewed Ralph de la Vega, who is the CEO of AT&T Mobility. In his answers he gave us a few simple leadership lessons.
This past couple of weeks I have covered in two classes the module in the PHR/SPHR material that covers leadership. The lessons in this article dovetail nicely with that material The lessons I got from Mr. de la Vega include:

  • Never let yourself become the victim of the situation. That is not only good advice for leaders but good for everyone in life. If you allow yourself to become a victim you will not be successful. Mr. de la Vega’s rise to prominence from his very humble beginnings in this country is a testament to the power of this thought.
  • Nothing in life or business comes without risks. According to Mr. de la Vega “Without it, you never push yourself or your business to where you’re going to be the best you can be. If you let people get in a comfort zone, then they’re never going to be the best.”
  • It’s important to have  a vision of where you want to go and a detailed plan to help you get there. He says that those two things are absolutely fundamental to success, yet they are often forgotten by people.
  • Have a talented team who are inspired to execute a well-designed plan. “The highest thing a leader can do it to convince a group of people that they can achieve things they thought wer impossible to do.” Mr. de la Vega would probably agree that a key characteristic of a good leader is that they can attract talented people to their side and then inspire them to achieve.

These are pretty simple lessons in leadership and they don’t just apply to big companies. Small companies, committees, volunteer organizations and more can all benefit from these lessons. I agree with Mr. de la Vega’s conclusion “When you see it in action, it’s a beautiful thing.”

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  1. Mike,
    Great post! These are essential to the success of any leader. As I am developing a succession planning competency model for my organization, these simple lessons will defintely be shared with the leadership team.

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