The Value of Attending an HR Conference

I will be attending, Tweeting from, and blogging about the SHRM-Atlanta 2012 conference being held Tuesday March 13th and 14th. I ALWAYS dervive a great deal of value from attending an HR conference, including education, connections and networking, exposure to new ideas and products in the marketplace and of course connecting with old friends whom I don’t see as often as I should.
A couple of years ago I wrote a post called Getting the Most Value from a Conference: The Marketplace is where it is AT! I am offering it again for you to read. Far too often HR people avoid the marketplace, unless they are collecting the swag, because they don’t want to get a sales pitch. By doing so they are denying themselves the opportunity to learn about new products and methods that could streamline their work. Reading the post linked to above will give you a better idea of the value you can get from the marketplace.
This year, if you cannot make the conference, follow on Twitter. The hashtag is #shrmatl12. And if you don’t know what this means then you need to dip that toe into Twitter. You are missing stuff you should be exposed to. You can also read my blog posts over the next couple of days for reports.
Watch Why YOU Should Attend the 22nd Annual SHRM-Atlanta HR Conference

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