Celebrating Creativity: Can HR Learn

Sometimes you have to celebrate and marvel at someone’s creativity. HR is often not considered the most creative department in any organization. But perhaps we can learn something by celebrating creativity.
This video highlights the very creative work of Kelli Anderson, who shows us that very creative things can be done with simple materials. She also shows us the impact that media has on us and how we might react if the message from the media we attend to delivers a message that is different than we expect.
It is worth watching all 16 minutes of this video (come on you are not that busy that you can’t take 16 minutes for some eye-opening creativity), but if you have to skip some then go to minute 9 to start watching about her project on a newspaper.
One of the lessons in this video is that there are more opportunities for creativity surrounding us on a daily basis than we think. I hope what you get from this is that you look at people, processes and materials in a much different manner than you currently do. Expand you creativity and help expand the creativity of your employees.

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