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Just a quick thought today on HR and social media use. I have run into a lot of HR people recently who have not dipped their toes into social media, other than perhaps LinkedIn. Most certainly are avoiding the use of Twitter. The problem with that is that employees are using Twitter and Facebook. If you want to know what they are doing you need to be aware and conversant with the tool. To me this is the same as trying to recruit for a sales position without having ever read the job description, without having ever talked to a sales rep or without having ever made a call with a rep. You just are not going to be very good in your job.

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  1. Mike,
    I couldn’t agree more. Whether you endorse or abhor social media, ignoring its relevance in the workplace, especially for hiring, engagement, and retention, is a recipe for failure. Within the last 2 weeks, I’ve read several press releases that announced business closings. All three blamed the economy, lack of qualified workers, and inability to find a successor. I had personal experiences with all 3 businesses and all 3 were willing to fail than “cave into” change they felt wasn’t necessary. Social media alone would not have saved their business but could have created the opportunity to engage with customers and potential employees. By avoiding and/or ignoring social media, businesses and HR will alienate a significant source of qualified workers in a world where skills are a scarce resource. The new currency is relevance and not understanding and utilizing social media will render a business irrelevant.

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