Five Great Reads in HR for a Friday

Periodically I try to give you the benefit of all the reading I do so that you don’t have to search for everything. Well today is another installment of that. Here are five great reads in HR that will inform you, educate you and who knows what else you may get out of them.

  1. First up is my friend Jon Hyman, a blogging attorney extraordinaire, who writes at The Ohio Employer’s Law Blog. Jon wrote NLRB refuses to expand representation rights to non-union employees during investigatory interviews. I have long been expecting that the Weingarten rule might be reinstated for non-union employees and indeed the Acting General Counsel for the NLRB, Lafe Solomon, tried to do just that. Read Jon’s post to find out what happened to his attempt.
  2. Next up is Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. Mr. Reich and I are often far apart in opinions (not that he is bothered by not agreeing with me and I seriously doubt he knows who I am or reads what I do). But I have written several posts about the state of manufacturing in this country (See  Facing Reality: A Lesson from Drucker) and his message in his article Manufacturing Illusions has the same message. It is time for the US to come around to this reality. Very interesting read as much of what we are hearing in this political year is “bringing back” manufacturing is the solutions to our woes.
  3. Metrics, metrics, metrics… that is the new mantra for HR. Well SHRM has announced that you have the opportunity to help establish a consistent HR metric that will be applicable across all companies and industries. They have worked with ANSI to establish a universal cost per hire metric that will allow comparisons from company to company. In New HR Standard Addresses Cost-per-Hire you will have the chance to comment on this new standard before it is set in stone. Give it a look.
  4. This one is a little out of the HR realm. It is from Seth Godin of marketing fame. His post Engaging with criticism, in which he talks about interacting with a customer has a great deal of relevance to HR. You just to put your own definition of “customer” into his post.
  5. I finish today by going back to my friend Jon Hyman. You all know that I am the HR Compliance Guy. So when I read this post that provided an example of how to lose an exemption I knew I had to share it with you. In Sitting on the dock … of the paycheck (or how to lose an employee’s exemption in 1 easy step) Jon tells you about a case that did not turn out well for the company and offered a solution that was provided by the court on what employers can do to protect themselves. I have often offered the same advice.

So check out these five great reads and learn the lessons they offer.
Also, if you have read another great article or post, share it with us in the comment section.

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