A Miracle Drink for HR

In the January 24th issue of the Wall Street Journal there was an interesting article entitled An Energy Shot for the Brain. (Sorry no link, I actually read the paper version.) Since it caught my eye I read it and thought “Hmmm I know a lot of HR people that could use an energy shot for the brain.” (Of course I also know some HR people that could use a shot to the brain… but that is a different story.) The story is about a purported brain enhancer called citicoline that is showing up in beverages and dietary supplements. My reaction was yippee a miracle drink for HR!
Before I proceed any further let me say I have not tried this product so I am not endorsing it, with one exception which I will mention later. According to the article “Citicoline is an organic molecule found naturally in the body, particularly the brain. Scientists believe citicoline speeds up the formation of brain cell membranes and may boost production of neurotransmitters essential to brain function.” In some countries it is sold by prescription to help regenerate the brain after a stroke. It has not been able to get passed by the FDA in the US, but some US companies have picked it up as a food and beverage supplement. So it is made available to the public in a drink called Nawgan with the phrase “What to drink when you want to think.” It also comes in a gel form called GungHo. It is also found in pill form called Cognizin.
Like I said I have not tried any of these products. But one product I have tried is 5-Hour Energy drink and it does contain an unknown amount of citicoline, and I have to say that I have used 5-Hour Energy and it works for me. I am not sure it has restored any brain cells, but it certainly picks me up. Now I must confess my stimulant of choice is coffee. I even wrote about that in An Essential Tool of HR: COFFEE. Sometimes however another cup of coffee just does not sit well, so that is where I have substituted 5-Hour and it as worked well on those days of long hours.
So when I read this article about citicoline and the possibility of it improving my thinking I was intrigued. So I may search some out and give it a try and report back to you. In these days of the importance of intellectual capital it never hurts to have an edge. Hmmm… perhaps HR can use this in a number of ways. You want your HR department to stand out in your company? Take away the coffee pot and serve a citicoline laced beverage. Shoot, if you want the entire company to perform better take away the water cooler and substitute Nawgan or have snacks of GungHo laying around.
If anyone from these companies know where I can buy their products let me know.

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