Verbal Appreciation is a Big Deal

This is just a short post today, as I am sure many of you are heading out for the Christmas holiday in the U.S. But I wanted to talk about the importance of telling employees how much you think of them. In listening to my son’s reports of his new job it is apparent that verbal appreciation is a big deal.
My son works for an engineering firm. He has been with them since August. He is  drafter and he loves doing that work. He has not been around long enough with this new company to get an increase but he talks about how much he loves the new company in addition to loving the job. The reason? His boss tells him at least once a week how much he is happy to have him working for the company, or tells him he is doing a great job or recently gave him the opportunity to fill in as the lead drafter when another employee had to take medical leave. Money is nice but that kind of praise and opportunity is GOLD.
Just remember this the next time you are dealing with an employee… remember the value of praise.

4 thoughts on “Verbal Appreciation is a Big Deal”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this, especially since the post was about me.
    Having worked in jobs before where I felt under appreciated for my efforts, working for an employeer who tells me on a weekly basis how much they appreciate my work is a great morale booster. I makes me feel as though I truly belong with the company and gives me a sense of loyalty to the company. That appreciation makes me want to do more for the company and be better at what I do to be more valuable to the company. And if I make a mistake, I don’t go to my office and complain about my job and boss. I work quickly to fix the problem so as not to tarnish my employeers image of me.
    So as my dad said, verbal appreciation is gold, for both the employee and the employeer.

  2. Thanks for this Mike. Heading out of town shortly, but had to comment on this wonderful post. Appreciate is the “A” word in CARE. It is so important. You and your son, both said it. It is like Gold. It is amazing what appreciation can do. The employee feels “a part of” the company, and “valued”. They matter. When this occurs, they obviously put forth a greater effort and are more productive. It is a win-win for both employee and employer. Great job Mike. Thanks again.
    Love these two quotes , that really sum it up;
    “I have yet to find a man who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval, than under a spirit of criticism.” – Charles Schwab
    “There are two things people want more than sex and money; Recognition & Praise” – Mary Kay Ash
    Take CARE Mike.

  3. A great reminder! As a former Olympic level coach and current business coach/mentor, the value of providing both positive and constructive feedback cannot be under-estimated. Positive is the pat on the back. Constructive is the clear direction on how one can do even better. “Recognized behavior gets repeated. Rewarded behavior gets repeated.” Cheers! Kaarina

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