Great Posts In HR: Five for Friday December 9th

I am ending the week with some great posts in HR that I have read that I think you should as well. So here are Five for Friday December 9th.

  1. First up is Stephanie R. Thomas at the Compensation Cafe. She is a consistently good writer that tackles the difficult subject of compensation. In Pricing Virtual Jobs she talks about the difficulty of pricing jobs in general and in particular the difficult task of virtual jobs. Very, very informative. Check her out, she is one of my favorite reads in the compensation arena.
  2. Next is Jason Pankow, writing at Fistful of Talent. Jason tells us about Bad Benefits Disguised as Perks. He makes some very good points about how some good things may actually be bad things in reality. Hmm… free food and massages at work a bad thing? According to Jason they could be, so check it out. BTW, Jason has a cool job, so be sure to read his bio at the end of his post.
  3. Next up is William Tincup, also writing at Fistful of Talent.  William is not your traditional HR person…. by any stretch of the imagination. But what he causes you to stretch your imagination. In his post Getting to NO… he makes you think about HR from a much different point of view and that is a very good thing.
  4. This fourth post is not an HR post per se, but I am bringing it to you as one of those “environmental scanning” issues that you should be aware of in your current position. Our entire way of doing business, our jobs as HR professionals relies on capitalism. Many people are suggesting (some of them very strongly) that capitalism needs to die a quick death. The folks at Freakonomics address this in Will Capitalism Survive? It is a short but very powerful read.
  5. Last, but in no way least, is Dan McCarthy. Dan’s superb blog Great Leadership is always on my reading list. In this post, 10 Ways to Act More Important Than You Really Are, Dan makes you look square in the mirror and assess yourself. I have known a number of HR people who hit a few things on this list….. hmmm… come to think of it I may be guilty of one or two. So read Dan’s list and see if perhaps you should rethink some things you do.

There you have it GREAT POSTS IN HR: FIVE FOR FRIDAY…. somethings to digest over the weekend. But wait….. lucky you! I have a bonus read for you. Check out Jon Hyman’s Pop Quiz on Sexual Harassment. And after you read this and you need some help I just happen to know a great consultant that can help you.

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