Good Advice on Handling FMLA

I spent some time reading this weekend and came acroee some great advice in how to handle a difficult FMLA situation. The author, Jeff Nowack, wrote an excellent post on how to handle discipline in conjunction with FMLA. Three key elements to in his advice are:

  1. How egregious is the behavior you are conducting the discipline on? Is this something that if they were not on leave they would be fired immediately?
  2. Why is the employee you are about to discipline on FMLA? Do they have a cold or a heart condition? It makes a difference.
  3. What have you done before in similar situations? Prior practice does help your defence.

Nowack tells an interesting story as he gives the advice so I am going to refer you to his blog for a complete treatment. So check out :
Employees Take Note: Showing Pictures of Your Boyfriend’s Privates Will Doom Your FMLA Lawsuit (or Any Other Lawsuit)

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