Little Victories Are Important Too

We always like to celebrate the big victories. The championship is always bigger than the regular game. But the little victories are important too.
My little victory is that the outside of the house is all decorated for Christmas, several days ahead of our annual Christmas party. Like many things we do at work it was not easy. Up and down a 15 foot ladder more times than I care to remember. Not testing the string of lights before I hung them up only to discover that half a string was burned out. Blown fuses in the string of lights wrapped around the tree. Not paying attention to the male/female orientation of the strings of lights only to discover that I did not match up appropriate ends. Unlike people you do have to have one of each in lights to make it work. I probably swear more at this activity than any other throughout the year. BUT, when you finally flip that switch and all the timers work and my wife says in a delighted voice “It is beautiful” ….. well that makes it worthwhile.
Isn’t that what work is often like? We work toward that big victory, that completed project, the successful benefits enrollment, or the big presentation, but we should not forget the little victories along the way. We should help our employees recognize those little victories too.
To me that is the process of effective employee feedback. They work toward the successful annual performance evaluation. We need to help them celebrate the little victories along the way with consistent feedback on a weekly, if not daily, basis.
What little victory have you celebrated today?
Oh crap…. There goes another fuse….

Taken in 2010 in the rare Christmas Snow in Atlanta

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