Five Great HR Posts for a Friday

This is being posted the day after the Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US. That is normally a day for shopping, watching TV or working. If you are doing any of these activities and wish to make some good use of your time take a look at these five great blog posts I have selected for you.

  1. I am jealous of our first writer. He gets his first time post on Fistful of Talent. Jon Hyman writes Employees Cheating Time… But What Can You Do About It? It is excellent advice. Jon is a lawyer who “gets it”, so check him out.
  2. Bill Porkony tells us When are Student Assistants “Employees” Under The FLSA? Another attorney who “gets it.”
  3. Stephanie R. Thomas tells us Who’s More Disengaged At Work? Survey Says Highly Educated Men! You might be surprised at some of the findings… and then you may not… I don’t really care at this point.
  4. This one is Jon Hyman again. He has earned his reputation as the “go to lawyer in social media”. Here he tells us Who owns social media accounts—the employer or employee?
  5. For those of you bemoaning the absence of pro basketball during the holiday… here is a very good analysis from the guys at Freakonomics.  The Economic Battlefield of the NBA Lockout.

Well there you have my selections for you. Some of you may think it is better than shopping.

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