Turkey Day Trivia

Rather than writing something heavy for Turkey Day, Lord knows the amount of food we will eat will be heavy enough, I decided to do something light. So as you are sitting there watching football and starting to doze as a result of the tryptophan in your system test your Thanksgiving Day knowledge with these 5 questions.

  1. On what date was Thanksgiving Day set as the fourth Thursday of November?
      • 1621
      • 1623
      • 1863
      • 1941
  2. Which two US Presidents had a hand in determining Thanksgiving Day’s observence?
      • Washington & Jefferson
      • Washington & Lincoln
      • Lincoln & Theodore Roosevelt
      • Lincoln¬†& Franklin Roosevelt
  3. Where was the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated?
      • Saint Augustine, Florida
      • Commonwealth of ¬†Virginia
      • Plymouth, Massachusetts
  4. The purpose of the holiday was to:
      • Give thanks for surviving the the arduous trip across the Atlantic
      • Give thanks for American “Indians” not killing them when they arrived
      • Give thanks for the harvest
      • Give thanks for mother-in-laws
  5. Which country celebrates the invasion of the country and the death of their Prime Minister by having Thanksgiving Day?
      • Columbia
      • Grenada
      • Cuba
      • Liberia

Ready for the answers?

  1. Although Thanksgiving Day had been celebrated since the 1600’s the dates and days varied by decree of the individual states. Lincoln set the date as the FINAL Thursday in November as the date in an effort to heal the wounds of the Civil War. However, it was not until 1941 that it was set as the Fourth Thursday by Franklin Roosevelt.
  2. And thus the answer to this question is Lincoln and F. Roosevelt.
  3. Though Plymouth is most often what we think of with Turkey Day, the settlers in Virginia actually celebrate a Thanksgiving before Pilgrims. Some historians think the actual first celebration was in Florida by the Spanish… but we are not going to abandon our imagery of Pilgrims.
  4. Though I am sure most travelers where happy they made it across the Atlantic the celebration was really about the harvest.
  5. This one not in your usual Thanksgiving Day lore? Well the answer is Grenada who established a Thanksgiving Day on October 25th to celebrate the U.S. Marines invading their island and liberating them from the dictator.

Well how did you do? Or did you even make it this far? Enjoy your nap and the leftovers.

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