5 HR Lessons to Start the Week With

 I read a lot of other blogs. I like to pass on the good reads to you. Here are five that I think provide you with some five HR lessons for you to start your week with.

  1. The first lesson is one of unintended consequences. I got this one by reading Ben Eubank’s Upstart HR post Work naked for all I care. The lesson did not come from his post, although his post is a good one, in his post he referenced another post called The Legacy of the Red Sweater written by Robin Schooling. This is a very good lesson in long term unintended consequences. Read it and then evaluate how you may be creating some consequences you had not planned.
  2. The next lesson comes from  guest poster on Compensation Cafe. Jacque Vilet (make sure you read her impressive bio at the bottom of the post.) responds to a post by Ann Bares. She wrote HR Doesn’t Like Doing Compensation: It’s a Big Deal! The lesson for us all in this post is “It doesn’t really matter what HR wants/doesn’t want to do.   The reality is that the world has changed and HR has not.” The post is a little long but don’t let that dissuade you from reading it.
  3. The third lesson comes from the guys at Freakonomics They talk about changing migration patterns in the younger workforce. You need to pay attention to this stuff and see how it will hurt or help your company.
  4. The fourth lesson comes from Trish McFarlane, the super woman who writes  HR Ringleader. In this post she helps us realize that Organizational Retention is a Group Effort. Very good lesson here.
  5. Our last lesson is a compliance one. It comes from Bill Pokorny the attorney who wrote


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