Halloween HR Horrors: The Carnival of HR

If you have been in HR for any period of time you can most likely recall a number of ‘horror stories’ regarding HR. And being in HR today can be pretty scary for a number of reasons.  The Carnival of HR this month has a Halloween theme. It is being hosted by Blogging4Jobs and includes posts categorized into Trick, Treat and Smell my Feet. A sample of some of the posts include:

  • A good ghost story can evoke fear in the eyes and minds of many but good storytelling in our profession is even more important.  Paul Smith explains why — BOO!
  • New leaders who are hired into organizations can be a scary and unwelcome change for employees John Hunter points out.  But sometimes, good leaders can do amazing things
  • Halloween like most holidays wan’t invented with HR in mind.  Nancy Saperstone gives us some tips, tricks, and best practices for employees and HR to enjoy the holiday drama free.
  • Ian Welch pretty must covers it all in his post – the importance of showering and why employees don’t dress up as HR professionals during Halloween.  Ian, you had me at body odor.

So to read these and more take a trip over to The “Scary HR” Carnival of HR to get the links to these blog posts.

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