Blogging and Tweeting in HR

There are many HR bloggers and Tweeters out in the world. Probably more tweeters than bloggers. Blogging is tough and you have to have a desire to be a writer, particularly since to be an effective blogger you have to produce content… a lot of content. Since I am wrapped up in the social media world of HR I am still often surprised when I ask a group of HR people how many use Twitter or write blogs. I have not come across a blog writer yet and very few use Twitter. You should be starting to use social media and Twitter is an easy way to get into it. So set yourself up an account.
By setting up an account you will be able to follow me as I tweet live from the SHRM Atlanta Conference being held in Atlanta on Monday October 17th and 18th. You can follow me on Twitter @mikehaberman!/MikeHaberman or you can search on the “hashtag” #shrmatl11. By searching on that hashtag you can see what everyone that is tweeting at the SHRM Atlanta 21st Annual Conference.
So if you cannot attend and want a running commentary from attendees join us on Twitter. I will also be posting on my blog a couple times a day with summaries of the days activities. So join me.

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