A Great Read for the End of the Week

I wish I could claim the following post as mine but I can’t. It is a piece written by a friend Joh Hyman, an Ohio based attorney. He has created an Employer Bill of Rights that includes the following:

  1. The Right to Hire on Qualifications and Fire on Performance
  2. The Right to Criticize
  3. The Right to Control Operations
  4. The Right for You to Follow Our Work Rules
  5. The Right to Be Told When There is a Problem
  6. The Right to Receive an Honest Day’s Work
  7. The Right to Have Our Say Before You Form a Union
  8. The Right to Reasonable Notice
  9. The Right to Be Treated With Respect
  10. The Right to Confidentiality

Pretty good list don’t you think? But don’t just read the list that I recreated here, click on through and read Jon’s description of every right. I think you will be shouting “hell yes!” by the time you are done.

Jon Hyman’s Employer’s Bill of Rights 

Well done Jon.

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