Scanning the Environment: HR Technology Part I

In the material that SHRM provides for studying for the PHR/SPHR the first book covers Strategic Business Management. One section of that book covers what is called Environment Scanning. It is part of what Eric Garland calls the STEEP analysis. (See this previous post for an explanation of STEEP.) Scanning the environment is considered a key area for the strategic HR professional and one of the areas that must be paid attention to is TECHNOLOGY. (Hint: it is the T in STEEP.)
Do not fear if you have not really kept up on what is happening in technology for HR. I am here to help you out. I was contacted by a young man whose area of expertise is HR technology and I was invited to read some of his material. Kyle Lagunas, who writes for SoftwareAdvice, sent me two pieces. The first one is the one I am covering today and it deals with applicant tracking systems. Kyle does a comparision of four systems that are SaaS systems. (SaaS stands for Software as a Service and is a cloud based service. Read more about it here.) What this means is you don’t have to have software on your system. You just have to have access to the Internet. The four systems he compares are iCMIS Talent Platform, Applicant Stack, AcquireTM and Newton Software. He provides, in table format, a comparison on functionality for the four systems, including the size company for which the software is most appropriate.
So take a look at Kyle’s Web-Based Applicant Tracking Systems: A Comparison In Functionality.

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