Best Places to Work: What is the Formula?

The Atlanta Business Chronicle published a special edition on September 16, 2011 that highlighted the winners of the Best Places to Work for the Atlanta area. I was curious to understand what the formula of success was for these best places. Here is what I found out.
The companies profiled were large, medium size and small. Regardless of that there were seven characteristics that the winners had in common. These included:

  1. Leadership integrity.
  2. Management made connection with the employees through regular communication.
  3. The employees were asked their opinions and those opinions were listened to by management.
  4. There was transparency in the way business was conducted. Employees knew what was going on.
  5. The work was challenging, for everyone.
  6. Employees were allowed flexibility, be it to telecommute, or to take time off for family issues, or to volunteer.
  7. Training was provided. In times when many companies cut training most of these winners actually increased the amount of training being provided.

There was one other commonality. It appeared that most of the companies that were winners were in the service sector of the economy. Perhaps that connection to customers helped in establishing the cultures that have lead to these awards of “BEST PLACE TO WORK.”
If you don’t think your company could appear on such a list you may want to exam this list and compare you practices to see how you might improve. According to all the winners it can pay big dividends in success, at many levels.

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  1. I can certainly attest to the fact that atleast 5 of the 7 characteristics listed here are among the most common reasons my company has been losing high performing employees at an alarming rate lately. Thanks for the post!

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