Time to Get on the Twitter Train

I like Twitter. I typically do something with it everyday. When I mention to people that I use Twitter they often roll their eyes and say “I just don’t get it, why does anyone want to know what someone had for lunch?” At that point I sigh and roll my eyes and then decide if I want to explain why I use Twitter. But lately I have been launching into a little speech about why Twitter is important and I tell them it is time to get on the Twitter train before it has left them standing at the station. I explain that you don’t have to follow anyone’s eating habits, or dating habits, or any other habit, unless you want to. They need to follow only those people that they can derive some value from and impart some value to.
About a year and half ago I wrote a post called The Value of Twitter: Putting Some RICE in Your Social Media Diet. R.I.C.E. is an acronym I created which stands for Resources, Information, Contacts and Energy. These are the things I get from Twitter. I am exposed to posts, articles and news stories, quickly, that I might not otherwise find. I get answers to questions that might take me hours to research. I “meet” people that are interesting and many of them later become collaborators and/or friends. And the energy I pick up from the interaction is contagious. People who tweet are full of energy.
About a year ago I wrote another post where I talked about the work of Miriam Salpeter. My post called the  Value of Twitter in a Job Search pointed out that Miriam has discovered in her work that job searchers who tweet are more likely to get job interviews. They get known and begin to form relationships with potential hiring managers. So if  you are in a job search being on Twitter can give you a leg up on other candidates.
Jennifer McClure is a fellow blogger as well as being a company owner, entrepreneur, recruiter, speaker and social media use expert. She understands the value of Twitter to recruiters and often writes about it. She posted a blog called 5 Mistakes that Recruiters Make on Twitter. This post is good information for anyone who wants to use Twitter for business, not just recruiters. She points out that engaging in conversation and being a “person” are important aspects of being a good Twitter user.
Twitter, just as other social media, is not a fad. It has become a communication tool. As with many tools some people use them in less than efficient ways. But other can use them well and as a result they have enhanced their jobs, their businesses, their relationships and their life. So it is time for you to quit poo pooing Twitter and get on board. At least give it a try, a good try. Learn from others and see how powerful it can be.
BTW, in case you are interested I had a bratwurst with onions for lunch.

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  1. Hello,
    I get your articles every morning in my email! Happy subscriber here! I am working on a piece for my company regarding social media specifically face book and the hiring process. Since Facebook has made it easier for small business’ to post and track job applicants many companies are utilizing this function. Could you recommend any articles or good reads on this topic? Thank you!

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