Carnival of HR: The End of Summer Edition

The labor day weekend is upon us and kids are returning to school. There is time to get one more carnival in before things return to “normal.” In this case it is the Carnival of HR. The Rainmaker Group hosted this time and it is full of fun stuff. You can toss the ball and try to knock down Cathy Martin’s Top 10 Reasons NOT to Measure HR. Or you can visit the scare house and read the Evil HR Lady’s  Why Your HR Manager May Hate You or Eric Meyer’s  This is why you document employee workplace issues. You can stop and see a clown and laugh in  10 Tips for Using Humor in the Workplace.

Those are just some of the many, many midway attractions at this carnival. So step up and by a ticket and  visit:

Having Fun at the Carnival of HR With All Our Friends

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