Environmental Scanning: "Meshing" the Future

I am doing some environmental scanning for you and I am certain that most of you will have not seen this video. It is from a TED talk. If you are not familiar with TED it stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It is an annual series of talks conducted by “thought leaders” on a variety of topics. I am presenting to you a talk by Lisa Gansky. She is the author of “The Mesh,” and she¬†talks about a future of business that’s about sharing all kinds of stuff, either via smart and tech-enabled rental or, more boldly, peer-to-peer. After seeing this I thought this presented a different way of looking at the world of work as well as the world of products. So I wanted you to see it and mull over the ideas she presents. Maybe it will get some “juices” going and it will help you possibly prepare for the future. It takes about 14 minutes to watch, but hang in there.
Click here Lisa Gansky to view the video. There is also a very interesting dicussion that appears below the video. You may want to read these comments as well for more view points.

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