Five for Friday: Human Resources Environmental Scanning

Here are five blog posts you might not normally read. However, they contain information that is important for HR professionals to pay attention to. So I do the leg work for you and you get to learn and improve your skills. Sweet deal huh!

  1. Ever asked a Gen Y what they think of Social Security? No? Well neither have I. That is why I found this post very interesting. What Younger Generations Think about Social Security- Maybe Not What You ThoughtWriter and law student Jesci Drake reports on a conference she attended where she listened to a panel discussion on young people and Social Security.
  2. Andy Porter, writing at Fistful of Talent (FOT), asks The Next Recruitment Silver Bullet – Are You Going to Fall for it? With out tendency in America to go with the management fad de jour this is a post you need to read.
  3. For those of you that think that social recruiting is a “fad” you had better read this. Social Recruiting on the Rise is presented by the folks at Unbridled Talent. The research makes a very good case for why you need to be aware of and using the tool of social medial.
  4. Kris Dunn, in The HR Capitalist, tells us 5 Things HR Pros Can Learn From the 2011 Netflix Pricing ChangesNow you may think “What the heck does Netflix have to do with HR?” Well that is the beauty of Kris Dunn, he can extract HR lessons from just about anything. In this it has to do with technology and change. Better read it.
  5. Lastly, here is a post that is really about the future, the future of innovation.  Anticipating future needs – buying up the beachfront makes you think about innovation. Jeffrey Phillips tells a story that is pretty similar to one I heard in Hawaii once. A guy we met owned a lot of inland agricultural property on Kauai. He had bought the property for a good price. But he said he had been offered beach front property for a song. But everyone considered that to be “trash” property. Everyone wanted to have land to grow things. He said “If I had only known.” Read Jeffrey’s take on innovation and learn a lesson.

So there you have it. Five great reads to end your week with.  Now get reading.
Oops… wait.. breaking news…here is a last minute addition. HR today must include technology and as we all know technology changes on an almost weekly basis. Here is an article written by Bill Kutik for HR Executive that talks about the future, and I mean the near future, of HR technology. For a taste of what is in store read The Shape of Things to Come!

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