5 Great Pieces of HR Advice

I have some great advice for you today on Human Resources. It is not my advice however, it is the advice of bloggers I greatly respect. You can learn alot by reading these five posts, so pay attention. There will be a test later.

  1. First up is attorney blogger Jon Hyman. As an HR consultant I am constantly telling people the importance of documentation. I have also written on the importance of terminating employees earlier rather than later. Well Jon tells us to Find the sweet spot when firing a bad employee . This is excellent advice.
  2. Next up is a post from the law group that writes the Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Blog. It is a post from a summer associate named Christopher Gibson. In the post The Use of Social Media in Hiring Decisions: Tempting Fruit from a Poisonous Tree Christopher reminds us that valuable tools are still just tools and they can be misused.
  3. Third is from Todd Schnick. Now Todd is actually in the business of helping companies with their marketing. His message in Is Your Marketing Too Cluttered? certainly applies to your message to your customer but without too much imagination you can apply all this to your employee communication program.
  4. Ann Bares, of Compensation Force, discusses what companies are doing in a world of rising gas prices. If you have had the question of “what do we need to do” Ann lets you know what others are doing. You may be surprised with the answers in Fuel Costs Bringing Attention – But Little Change – to Vehicle Benefits
  5. Steve Tobak gives us a list that should probably be printed out and hung on the HR office door and the company bulletin board. It might cut down on the stupid HR issues we have to deal with. So read 10 Things You Should Never Do At Work and if you say to yourself OMG I know someone doing that (such as you) then you can possible save a career with a little advisement.

So there you have it. Some good reading to end the week with that will make you a better manager or HR professional. Just trying to do my part.

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