5 Key Pieces of Advice in HR and Leadership

These five pieces of advice in HR and Leadership come not from me this week but from my fellow blog writers. Their collective wisdom provides us with information we should all heed.

  1. Up first is HR pro extraordinaire Kris Dunn. His advice in A Test to See If Anyone Actually Reads Your Employee Handbook… was brilliant. It will be suggested to everyone of my clients in the future.
  2. Next up is Ann Bares of Compensation Force. If you are already planning on what to do for increases in 2012 (and what good HR pro isn’t?) she provides you with some data you need to have in Salary Increases: 2012 to be a Replay of 2011?
  3. Next up is Gautan Ghosh who was very succinct and to the point in 6 new rules of management and leadership. Just because the post is short does not mean it is not powerful.
  4. Wally Bock, in his Three Star Leadership blog gives us The 97 Percent Solution. This is advice on how to best utilze the exceptional leaders you have in your organization to overcome the “toxic” leaders. Good advice in a time when toxic leaders seem to have the edge.
  5. Last, but not least, is Steve Tobak who tells us The Real Secret to Personal Productivity. I think his conclusion it right on the mark. Especially the last point.

So thereĀ  you have it. 5 Key pieces of advice in HR and Leadership to end the week with. Read these and you will be better for it.

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