5 Skills Needed to Be Effective In HR Leadership

Here is a list of someĀ skills I think are important if you want to be effective in HR Leadership. Each of these items has a link to a blog post to offer support for what I am saying.

  1. The ability to think on your feet while in front of an audience. Kris Dunn calls it Situational Fluency. Read about it here.
  2. Presence and attitude. If you blend into the background you won’t be of any good to anyone. Derek Irvine provides us some examples from hockey and basketball. (Both sports he is unfamilar with.) Read about it here.
  3. Restraint and Objectivity. While trying to help your organization move rapidly it is important to exercise restraint and objectivity in complying with the myriad regulations we must deal with. Melanie Osborne of Stoel Rives provides a warning of why restraint and objectivity are critical skills. Read more here.
  4. Influencing. We get things done through the influence we wield. The better we are the more we get done. It it both an art and a science. Read this story by Ben Eubanks to understand it better.
  5. Sales Ability. This goes hand in hand with #4. This one is from Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett. Two of the best so pay attention to what they have to say about sales in I Hate it when HR Pros think they are equal to Sales Pros.

So that is the list of 5 Skills needed to be effective in HR Leadership. Measure yourself against the list. Hopefully you will make the grade.

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