Fixing Messes That You Create: Incompetence or ???

In a recent BNET newsletter there was an article on the 9 Signs Your HR Manager is Terrible. The sixth of the nine reasons was entitled “He only fixes messes… that he created.” The article explains that you know you have a poor HR manager when he/she lets things go so long that they become a crisis. Then they step into fix the problem. There may be a number of issues involved here, incompetence or sloth. But another option may be at play as well.
In reading this I was reminded of another post I wrote in April of 2008. It was called Creating Problems In Order to Solve Them. In this post I described what is called ‘Munchausen at Work‘. This is a phenomenon the resembles a rare psychological disorder. Some of the symptoms of ‘Munchausen at Work’, include withholding help or key information until the last moment and then stepping in to save the day. Other examples include things like creating rumors among employees and then dispelling the rumors after having “talked to the boss” or “saving your job.” Another example was a manager undermining relationships in his work group and then holding group sessions to improve relations. Managers create the workplace “illnesses” in order to cure the illness and thus draw attention to themselves. You can read the full post by clicking here.
So it may not be incompetence, or laziness that is causing the problems you have with your HR manager, it may be something more deeply sinister. Now the issue is, if they can prove this can it be declared a disability under the ADAAA and thus provide some protection for their job? We will only know if some plaintiff attorney gets really creative.

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