HR Carnival End of May Edition Hosted by Jon Ingham

Jon Ingham is the host of the End of May edition of the HR Carnival. He calls this one The What do All Day edition. I had the good fortune to meet and connect with Jon when he was here in Atlanta for the HRevolution 2011 conference. In addition to being a very nice guy he is also a consultant, speaker, teacher, instructor and former practioner. I was surprised by how much he and I have in common.
In this edition he provides us with twenty one (21) posts that describe a wide variety of the pieces of HR that get done on a daily basis. Included, but not all inclusive are the following:

  • Robin Schooling’s post at HR Schoolhouse reflecting on Just a Coupla Chicks Having an HR Conversation
  • Cathy Missildine-Martin, Profitability Through Human Capital discusses High Potentials vs. High Performers
  • Mark Stelzner, Inflexion Advisors provides 4 Reasons Change Is So Damn Hard
  • Susan Heathfield, Human Resources asks Does Panty Hose Matter?
  • Ian Welsh, HR Toolbox Employee Relations blogs discusses Human Resources Professionals of the Future – HR Big Brother!
  • Christine Livingstone at A Different Kind of Work who offers 3 Little-Known Factors That Could Ease Your Transition From Corporate Job To Solopreneurs

That is just a sampling of the great posts to read over the weekend. For those of us in the U.S. we have a three day weekend, so sit down, have a beer or a glass of wine and educate youself by reading the posts from The What Do We Do All Day edition of the HR Carnival. And while you are at it give a moment to think of all those who have sacrificed themselves in the service of our country.

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