Five Great Reads In HR and Management

Here are five great blog posts in Human Resources and Management to read to end your week. They are five that I feel we can all learn from.
First up is on from Wally Bock. I read Wally’s posts because Tom Peters reads Wally’s posts. His post on Drive Out Fear gives a lesson that I have seen played out many times. If people are afraid they are not creative or innovative, unless it involves trying to keep their job. So read this and get a lesson on Demming as well.
Second is from Dwane Lay at Lean HR. Dwane pulls a post from his archives about find the ROI in HR initiatives. This is something many HR people struggle with. He has three thoughts to help you with this in From the Archives: Three Basic Assumptions.
The third post comes from Kris Dunn of the HR Capitalist. He writes on How Do You Collect Ideas? Think! He uses Tim Sackett as some inspiration for how you capture ideas, any ideas. I know I need to learn this lesson. I often think of something stupendous only to wonder later what it was because I failed to write it down. I seem to remember a quote that goes something like “The palest ink is better than the best memory.”
The fourth post comes from Ann Bares at Compensation Force. Ann talks about holding on to high performers, something all companies fret over. In Holding on to High Performers: Top Five Reward Actions Ann tells you what you should be looking at for your company.
The fifth post comes from Jon Hyman at the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog. In his WIRTW #177  (I will have what she is having edition)(WIRTW Stands for what I read this week) Jon covers a wide variety of topics. Good reading all but the one you HAVE to read is the one he highlights first. I was going to write about it but I was not quite sure how to handle it delicately. All I can say is YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD ACCOMMODATION PROBLEMS??? LOL
Well there you go. Good reading.

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