Fab Five For Friday the Fifteenth

Here you go. These are five outstanding blog posts that I wanted to pass on to you for your end of the week reading. So enjoy and be informed.
First up is a short, but creative, post by Kris Dunn, the HR Capitalist, on If I Were Starting a Union, Here’s What I’d Do. It is creative in that it shows why unions are irrelevant today while talking about forming one.
Next up is one of my favorite lawyer bloggers, Jon Hyman, of the Ohio Employers Law Blog. If you have to deal with FMLA you know that even today it is a bear. Jon provides some guidance and what needs to be done in FMLA coverage vs. eligibility: Employer notice and recordkeeping requirements. If you are just getting to FMLA this is excellent guidance on understanding some of the rules.
Chris Young, of The Rainmaker Group, writes on something many younger readers may not have heard of before. His post is Avoid The Peter Principle – Stop Promoting Talent Beyond Their Abilities gives a good explanation of what it is, what problems is causes and how you can avoid falling into its trap.
Steph Beer from StepWise offers some great advice on negotiation in Make Every Business Moment Negotiable. Although her remarks are directed at women primarily I think it is a great lesson that all of can learn. Most men are not good at negotiation as well.
Finally we have Marc Alifanz from Stoel Rives World of Employment telling about the New IRS Guidelines for Health Care Reform: More News You Can Use. It is a complicated subject and this makes it a bit more understandable.
So there you have my fab five for Friday. Good reading.

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