Five for Friday: Great Reads on Business

Here are some great reads to end your week with and to head into the weekend. These are not HR related but have a broader scope of business. So take a look.

  1. First up is Steph Beer at Stepwise with her post on Higher Labor Costs Cometh. She has summarized four points to help business owners, casual economists, and investors make sense of the current business environment. Very interesting stuff on profits and costs.
  2. Next is Ann Bares, compensation consultant extraordinaire, who writes on Compensating Partners in a Start-Up. She repeats some sound advice from the past on partners in a business and all the issues around it.
  3. Laura Schroeder, writing in the Compensation Cafe, tells us we need to Think of Money as the Bottom Line. She says that too often we get caught up in engagement and motivation and forget what the real bottom line in business is.
  4. Michael Boyette post Three Best Practices for Terminating Insubordinates appears in the HR Cafe. Sound advice that I myself often give to my clients. Many managers have difficulty in terminating employees and this advice will provide some good guidance.
  5. Last, but in no way least, is Steve Tobak on Don’t Take Your Smartphone to the Bathroom. Some great advice on proper behavior in the use of 21st century devices. If you have not made one of these errors, then pat yourself on the back.

That is my list. Hope you found them as educational as did I.

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