The Power of Leverage in HR

There are many definitions of the term leverage, but they are all based on the concept of using a tool, a lever, in order to magnify your power in order to move an object that you would not normally be able to move. Business coach and author Brian Tracy, in a recent newsletter, talks about seven types of leverage that you can use to be more effective in your daily life. I thought several of these applied to, and would be useful for, human resources  professionals.
The seven levers are:

  1. Leveraging other peoples energy.
  2. Leveraging other people’s knowledge.
  3. Leveraging other people’s money.
  4. Leveraging other people’s successes.
  5. Leveraging other people’s failures.
  6. Leveraging other people’s ideas.
  7. Leveraging other people’s contacts of other people’s credibility.

While all of these forms of leverage can help you personally, I think from an HR standpoint there are three that deserve more attention. First is the power of leveraging other people’s knowledge. HR is too big. You cannot know it all. You need to have resources that you can call on to help you deal with the overwhelming amount of knowledge needed to do HR effectively. Being a blog reader is one lever you can use. Providing some extra knowledge is certainly one of the goals of my writing.
Second is the power of leveraging other people’s ideas. I don’t know about you, but some days there are limits to my ability to come up with an idea of any value, and I mean I can’t get a single new idea. Some of you may have the same issue. So put together a brain storming team, even a small one, to get you over that hurdle.
Third is the power of leveraging other people’s of other people’s credibility. This has some power in a couple of different areas. Certainly any good recruiter already knows the power of this. Reaching out to other people to find out who may be a good candidate for a position for which you are hiring is pretty common, though sometimes I think it may get overlooked. But this has power for you in other areas as well in selecting vendors, consultants, teachers, etc. Today we have social media tools that can magnify the power of this leverage, so make good use of them.
I know some of you may be thinking that these are basic and obvious, however, in my opinion, it often helps to be reminded of some of the basics now and again.

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