Your Office as Your Image

Do you feel you are not respested in your company? Wonder why people don’t take you seriously? Beyond your knowledge, how you handle yourself, how you answer questions, whether you step up and take responsibility for your actions maybe it is your office.
Some people have neat offices, some people have messy offices (guilty). You may still be taken seriously with either of these styles. However, I will guarantee you will not be taken seriously if your office looks like this:

I know this picture is not of an office, but it is close. I visited the office of an HR Manager once and this was about what her office looked like. I kid you not! And she did not make the connection to why she did not get the respect in her company that she wanted to have.
So if  you are not getting the respect you want step back and take a look at what your office says about you. And if you are using your office to store your troll doll collection or your fishing lure collection  you may want to rethink your decor.

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