My 600th Post: Why I Write

Wouldn’t you know it, I reach a milestone (of sorts) and I get brain-lock. I wanted to write something momentous. Can’t think of anything. So I figured I would write about me and why I write this. (yawn)
I get people asking me why I write this blog. There are several reasons. Some are noble, some are selfish. I started about 4.5 years ago due to the inspiration of Kris Dunn. Kris writes The HR Capitalist. It was the first blog I ever read and actually found out about it through a Workforce magazine article on the value of certification. Kris has since become a friend and I continue to read his stuff. Great inspiration. So if you want to blame anyone for my writing blame Kris.
I started small just in case I did not want to continue. But I did continue and started to write more and more and here are the reasons I write:

  • It challenges me to keep my knowledge current. Since I consult and teach staying current in the HR arena is important. I like writing on a wide varity of topics. My biggest areas are compliance, unions and generalist HR stuff. But I have written on futurism (a big interest of mine), telecommuting, the wisdom of Peter Drucker, employee relations, recruiting, interviewing and whatever catches my interest.
  • I want to help companies, large and small, do “Great HR.” If I can inform or teach through my writing then all the better.
  • I “meet” people that are readers. Being an independent consultant can be lonely sometimes and I have increased my HR “friends” as a result. (Blogging also got me started on Twitter, Linked In, etc. so that has helped as well.)
  • I enjoy the ego strokes I get when people tell me they really enjoyed or learned something of value from my posts. I enjoy when I get invited to write for someone else. I have had and have several such invites. I like them, and I am willing to do more. (hint, hint)
  • And of course I do it to promote my business. Although my consulting business is directed to small companies that don’t have HR professionals per se, the blog has helped establish my credentials as an “expert” in HR thus helping “sell” me. (BTW, I can always use more referrals.) I am also hoping it helps me establish a speaking career.

So there you have it. Has there been a downside? Sure. Brain cramps hurt and if you write on a consistent basis you are bound to have writer’s block on occasion. Much like today. I have gotten an occasional threat of bodily harm when I have posted something on unions. Typically my posts are not favorable to unions and some people object to that. But other than that no major downsides.
So I plan on continuing to write. I hope you plan on continuing to read.

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