Five Great Posts in Human Resources

I have been doing some reading so I thought I would give you the benefit of my “work”. These are 5 great posts on HR topics that I found informative, educational and stimulating. I thought you would feel the same.

  1. From Jim Brennan at Compensation Cafe we get Could You Be Accused of Wage Theft? This is a very timely post and one of the reasons I have been posting so much on the FLSA. The Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, has said you are a thief, so you have better read Mr. Brennan’s post to see if you are indeed a wage thief.
  2. Ann Bares, author of Compensation Force, writes about metrics, a topic that is increasingly of greater interest to HR. Or is it? You need to read The HR Metric of Champions to find out. This is a very interesting read.
  3. Adam Santucci, writing at the Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Blog, explains the recent Supreme Court decision on vicarious liability that uses the concept of the “cat’s paw“. (You can find out where the term comes from by clicking the link.) In his post on United States Supreme Court Approves “Cat’s Paw” Theory of Liability. You NEED TO READ this because it can cause you a lot of heartache if you ignore what this means.
  4. Jon Hyman, at the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, warns us about an EEOC activity in EEOC to review “significant regulations”; do you smell trouble? He says that the EEOC is looking to streamline regulations. Anyone believe that? We he gives you a chance to tell the government what they should do… so take advantage.
  5. April Dowling addresses workplace harassment  in her post at PseudoHR Workplace Harassment- Not in my Office. Yes harassment is still an issue and will be until people are eliminated, so do some more reading on it.
  6. As a bonus I have added this final blog post. Many of you travel so I thought I would add this post on How to Keep Your Gadgets Safe When You Travel. Logan Kugler offers some great tips for protecting your stuff and your information while on the road.

There you go. Some great pieces to improve you knowledge and your life.

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