You Used What Email Address???

Here is the scenario. You are looking for work and sending out resumes to companies  you would like to have as an employer. You think your skill set would fit well with their service. So hit SEND… and off the resume goes. You wait and wait and wait..  yet you never receive a response. You think “What is wrong with this company?”
Meanwhile on the other end here is what is going on. The hiring manager get this resume in his/her inbox. However, it remains unopened. Why? Because the email name/address you used is “risqueevents@……”! The hiring manager is unsure what they may find if they open that email. And they think even if it were safe and even if the person had a good resume they have showed an incredible lack of professional judgment. Or just an incredible lack of thought. Either way they have been eliminated as a candidate.
So the lesson here is to remember that the much vaunted “first impression” you would like to give starts with something as simple as your email address.
And yes this is a true story, people still do things like this, despite the thousands of Internet articles and hundreds of books that tell people about job search protocols.
Anyone have a similar story? If you are a recruiter have you received emails from addresses that made  you question their judgment and eliminated them from consideration?

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