5 Super Reads Before the Superbowl

There are many brilliant blog writers in the HR blog world. Here are 5 posts that I consider to be SUPER. If you read these before the Superbowl you will be much better prepared to start the week on Monday. So before the chips, wings and beer have a pass at these posts. They are all touchdowns.

  1. First up is Kris Dunn, whom I consider to be the “field general” of HR bloggers. He was my inspiration to get started, but I am just a third stringer compared to Kris. In this post he has advice for the jobseeker looking to score well on a behavioral interview. How to Nail Your Prep for a Behavioral Interview gives some very sound advice with, what I consider to be, the toughest interview method there is. If you are looking for a job and have little experience in behavioral interviews this is a MUST read.
  2. In his post  In a Vacuum of Information People Will Use Imagination Dan Walter explains why it is important to COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE to employees about your compensation system and their performance. And it turns out that is great advice for any aspect of dealing with employees. So when you are calling the signals make sure that all your players can hear what you are saying.
  3. Jennifer Gokenbach, provides some excellent advice on what to do with snow days. This is some timely advice given what is currently happening in this “more than snowy and icy enough” winter. In It’s a Snow Day! Dealing with Inclement Weather and the Proper Payment of Wages Ms. Gokenbach gives you the rules on what you need to do to avoid having a penalty flag thrown your way.
  4. Paul Herbert, who is just one of the most thought-provoking writers you can read, really gets you going in Our Employees Are Addicted to Rewards. When you read this one make sure you go the extra yards and read the comments. This post got a lot of people thinking.
  5. (Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart.) Elie Mystal shows in his post Protip: Do Not Buy A Vibrator For Any Lady At Your Office that some people can just be VERY VERY STUPID. How such a dumb manager made the team to begin with is a mystery. I sure hope you don’t have anyone on your team like this.

Well there you have it. Five reads to give your a SUPER start for next week.
Enjoy the commercials, enjoy the game and GO TEAM (which in my case is whichever team wins my square on the pool.)

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  1. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for including my blog post ” In a Vacuum of Information People Will Use Imagination” in your reading source for a super weekend. The other posts you listed are great. I appreciate you pointing them out.
    Best Regards,
    Dan Walter

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