Looking From the Outside In

Listening to the news and reading Twitter posts a number of people were making comments on a perceived uptick in hiring. Reports of seeing “Help Wanted” signs and news reports of companies opening new facilities are certainly positive signs. It made me wonder however, if companies are really ready to begin hiring again. Not that they don’t want to but are they able to do so effectively?
If you are one of those companies that is getting ready to do some hiring do you have your house in order? AreĀ  your people trained on how to deal with candidates? Are interview skills up to snuff? Are you prepared to deal with accommodations in the application process? Is your technology current and working correctly? How about job descriptions for the positions you will be hiring for, are they up to date?
If you are unsure about your situation then I suggest you step back and take a look from the outside. Approach your process with an unbiased eye. If people have to walk in a door to apply how attractive is the room? If they have to apply online how cumbersome is the process? If people are searching the Internet for your jobs how easy are they to find?
Often you get so used to seeing what you have that you don’t notice the “unsightly” parts of your process. In this case it might be good to hire a “secret shopper” to let you know. Or enlist a friend or family member (or several) of mixed ages that may reflect your applicant pool. Have them go through the processes and give you feedback on what it is like to apply for a position at your company.
I would also suggest you dust off the interview training you have done in the past and get your interviewers up to speed. Applicants may be much more practiced at the process than your managers and supervisors. A bit of prevention can go a long way in making sure you are conducting legal and effective interviews.
Taking an unbiased look and doing a bit of preparation will serve you well as you move back into a hiring mode.

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