These Will Make You Go "Hmm": Great HR Posts

There is a ton of stuff in the blogsphere to read. There is NO way you can keep up on it all and get your job done. So that is why I try to help and pass on to you some great things I read. Here is a list of posts that will make you think. And who knows you may learn something in the process.

  • First up is The Employee With The Achilles Heel written by Kimberly D. Urban at her blog site Kim’s HR Potpourri. This post is one that all of us can identify with. My story was similar to hers. Great employee who could not make it to work.
  • Next up is What If We Kill Incentives? Laura Schroeder, writing at the Compensation Cafe, discusses what has to be in place if we take away monetary incentives. Her real-life example comes from time spent in Russia.
  • Some of you have probably seen the NLRB activity on employee Facebook activity. I have even considered writing on it myself. I may no after having seen Jon Hyman’s post WIRTW #152. It is his usual collection of excellent articles, but the first group focuses on Facebook Firing. So if  you want to be caught up on this controversy read this series. It DOES HAVE AN IMPACT ON YOU! Ignore it to your own peril.
  • Another selection from the Compensation Cafe is on The Importance of “Why” written by Derek Irvine. Derek talks about the importance of meaning and purpose on the job.
  • Lastly, there is the entire series of posts offering strategic advice to SHRM and how things can be improved for the association and the profession. This is found at Voice of HR. My reaction to most of these posts has been “Damn, I wish I had written that!” (I did write a post as well, though it has not yet been published. But it will pale in comparison to most of these.)
So there is your list of thought provoking, stimulating stuff to read today or this weekend. I will defy you to tell me these did not make you go “HMMM”.

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