Rockin' HR! The HR Carnival is Jumpin'

The November 10, 2010 issue of the HR Carnival is up and rockin’. Keving Grossman over at Leaders. Better. Brighter.™ was the host. He wanted a Rock n’ Roll themed carnival this time. His fellow bloggers helped him make it so… (some of them did better than me errr.. others). This HR Carnival can be found at The Latest Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll Carnival (of HR) and includes things like:

  • A playlist to rock HR
  • Workplace trust
  • Rockout teaching moments
  • An HR Remix
  • Going GaGa for HR
  • Rocking HR at Disney
  • Six Strategies for boosting morale
  • Tips for a unique voice in leadership

and much more. So head on over to visit Kevin’s blog by clicking the link above and enjoy some “headbangin'” learning.

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