Thought Provoking Blogs: Inspiration for the Week

I have been searching around this morning for a topic to post on. I haven’t been successful in finding a single topic to post on. Rather I have been successful in finding three good topics to post on. But rather than write about them myself I am going to direct you to the original posts. They are thought provoking and informative. Your week will be off to a major start if you educate yourself by reading these three blog posts.

First up is More Insider HR Tips: What Are HR Pros Saying About You? This was written by Mary the Undercover HR Director. It is base on a session she attended at SHRM 2010 conference and was published on August 24, 2010. It deals with FMLA abuse and the reaction that HR gives those abusers and also the way that non-abusers are treated. It is a very interesting lesson for HR in overeaction.

The second one is also written by Mary the Undercover HR Director. She writes about employee use of the ADA to get accommodation, the interactive process that must be engaged in and the costs associated with an ADA accommodation. (Which by the way is suprisingly low.) Written from an employee perspective, you need to check out How To Request Job Accommodations From Your Boss By Using the ADA.

For the third entry I suggest Mad Men, Madder Women: Have Roles Really Changed in the Workplace? I don’t watch the show Mad Men though my daughter has told me I should. And apparently it is favorite of many HR people because it has been the subject of numerous blogs. In this post/article Vivian Dillar talks about the two of the main female characters and their changing roles as a reflection of what was happening in the workplace in that time frame. This is a very thoughtful piece that may very well prompt me to watch the show as fodder for future blogs and, again according to my daughter, just some excellent entertainment.

So there you have it. Some brain jazzing reading to get yourself going on a Monday morning. I needed it, since my day started at 4:30 am and the coffee was not working to its full extent.

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