An Union Update: Craig Becker and the NLRB

I know many of you have to stiffle a yawn when you see the word “union” in a blog title. Well you shouldn’t. It is IMPORTANT, especially at this time with this current administration. Of course if you feel that being unionized is good for business then don’t even bother to read further. But if you are in the other camp, as am I, then read on.

Craig Becker, who was the chief counsel for the SEIU (Service Employees International Union), was given a recess appointment to the National Labor Relations Board, despite the fact that the Senate had voted overwhelmingly against his appointment. (52-33) Well, he is in and now in a position to help make signifcant rulings on hundreds of cases that had found to have been made incorrectly because of a lack of a quorum on the board.

If you think that now, as a member of the NLRB, he will make unbiased decisions then you need to probably rethink that stance. To give you a bit more background on Mr. Becker I point you to Michelle Malkin’s blog post on him, Summer of corruption: Obama‚Äôs Big Labor ethics loophole. Lest you think this is a “fan” piece I will warn you right now it is not. But she points out information about Becker that I find to be rather telling. Here is bit more information on this subject from the WSJ.

So read up and understand why you need to be concerned about EFCA or EFCA like decisions that may come out of the NLRB.

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