Influential books: A Personal List

I do alot of reading. I used to read books a great deal, still do, but less so with the Internet available. I am typing this from my home office, where I have decent size library,( but it does not look like Alan Weiss’ library.) As I sit here looking at my books and wondering what to write about I got the brilliant idea of books! (Aren’t I clever?)

I started thinking about the books that have been influential in my life. Maybe not so much influential but the ones that were memorable. And perhaps they did have an influence. Here is a list of mine:

I have many, many other books that I have learned from and enjoyed. The list is too long. I will confess I still love the feel of a book in my hands. A reader, while practical, especially if you travel, just doesn’t do it for me. I imagine I will one day succumb. (Any company out there want to send me one? I will use it and post about it.)

What books have been influential in your life? Please share with us readers, perhaps we too will become influenced by your favorite read(s).

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