End of the Week Reading: Great Posts to Read

As we wrap up the workweek (at least the official one.. I almost always do a little work on the weekend) I wanted to point out to you some interesting blog posts. Something you can open on your laptop or IPad at the pool and read while sipping a cool one or a cup of coffee.

  1. Alan’s Blog from Alan Weiss, an extrodinary consultant and teacher. He writes On Leading and  how leaders stand their ground.
  2. Suzanne Lucas, the Evil HR Lady, who also writes for BNET talks about 5 Things to Do When the Boss is Wrong. Some good advice for a tough situation.
  3. The folks at Compensation Today over a brief lessons on some compensation metrics that EVERYONE should know, like Compa-ratio. So check out Compensation Metrics Defined.
  4.  Alan Collins of Success in HR, writes about making some extra money in what he calls a “side hustle” and offers some ideas and suggestions for find the right one for you. He mentions teaching, which I do a lot of, but I never thought of it as a side hustle. Interesting article.
  5. Frank Roche, at KnowHR,  writes Where in the Hell was HR in the Shirley Sherrod Case at the USDA. I am sure this will become a classic example of why you don’t let managers file on the spot, especially when your boss is the President.
  6. Barbara Hughes at Leading Engaged Companies writes about Making Tough News Inspiring. The story she relates is an excellent one. Barbara writes a smart, well thought out blog. I would put this one on “my must read” list.

A final observation for the week. There have been numerous examples in the news that all HR managers and business leaders can take a lesson from. The Sherrod firing as knee-jerk reaction being the biggest. But last night I was struck by something President Obama said about setting an example. In talking about the Unemployment Compensation bill being passed he said that (I paraphrase here) “Unemployed Americans who have been without help have had to cut budgets, cut corners and manage their money in order to survive. They should expect nothing less from their Government.” I don’t quibble that people need that money, but how does passing a $34 BILLION measure without finding a way to pay for it demonstrate the governmental fiscal leadership he spoke of?

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Mike. I love the Evil HR Lady even if I'm not a practitioner; she is a hoot and right on the money in her realistic blogs. I'm going to check out the others.
    Nice idea: you're my Amazon for human capital!

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