Value of Twitter in a Job Search

I don’t usually write about job searching. There are many people out there that already do that. I do offer help when asked and have even coached a few people. Part of what I try to get across to people is the value of Twitter in a job search. There are ways of searching for jobs by job type, field or location. Additionally you can get connected with a multitude of recruiters and start to build relationships. You can also connect with the HR person you may want to get connected to from a particular company. You can also connect with career coachs and people that can help with resume writing and job search tips.

One such person is Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers. I point out Miriam for a couple of reasons. First I have met her at a couple of Tweet ups. Secondly I am connected to her on Twitter. Thirdly, she has an excellent blog post entitled Twitter Users are more likely to get job interviews, that I think all job searchers should read. She says that “Sending tweets that inspire people to read, retweet and reply requires an ability to communicate in the short form. It turns out this may be much more valuable than you might have realized!” She then discusses research that makes the point “The company believes job seekers who use Twitter are more likely to be shortlisted because they write interesting, eye-catching and succinct CV summaries which appeals to recruiters.”

There is some debate on whether that result is due to the fact that Twitter attracts better writers or if, by writing Tweets, one becomes better at being able to convey information more effectively in short phrases. I believe, as does Miriam, that a bit of both applies. Can you become a better writer through Twitter? Well she discusses Gladwell’s Outliers and the 10,000 hour rule of becoming an expert. Practice makes perfect? Maybe not, but practice does make better for sure.

Miriam’s post offers some tips and a good number of sites to review to help you get started on Twitter or to use Twitter better. So check it out. Why deny yourself another tool to finding that next job?

And for those of you that aren’t looking for jobs, well Twitter is an excellent tool for a good number of other things. Check out my post on The Value of Twitter: Putting Some RICE in Your Social Media Diet.

By the way, I would like to hear of success stories on using Twitter to find a job if you have one.

2 thoughts on “Value of Twitter in a Job Search”

  1. Mike – Thanks for referencing my post. I am a big fan of using Twitter – for job seekers and anyone who wants to demonstrate expertise and connect online. The issue of being able to improve communication skills is a great bonus!

    Looking forward to seeing you at another tweetup again soon!

  2. The relevance of networking, including the use of social networking media like twitter, face book, LinkedIn is undisputed.

    60-80% of the work that is available at any one time is never advertised. People who take time to actively build networks reap the benefit of this fact.

    Networking, in any form is about developing relationships – relationships take work so don't just be a taker in the networks you join, be a giver too

    Best wishes
    Anthony from Job Search Mentoring

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