HR Carnival: 20 Great Reads for May 12th

Today I have the good fortune to be the host of the HR Carnival. And what a good one it is! A couple of themes popped out in the submissions. One of these dealt with “conversation”.

First we have Wally Bock’s Conversation: A Key Supervisory Tool. And it is. I have always been amazed to find supervisor who don’t know how to talk to their employees. So heed Wally’s advice at Three Star Leadership.

How about a “lack of conversation”? Well that is always frustrating, especially when you are an applicant waiting to hear back from a recruiter. Read the advice that Suzanne Lucas, The Evil HR Lady, provides to an applicant in I Interviewed and the Recruiter Won’t Get Back To Me.

Exit interviews are usually conversations. Or are they? Sharlyn Lauby, The HR Bartender, reveals The Real Reason for Exit Interviews.

You cannot get more conversational than an actual interview and that is what we have in Drew Tarvin from Humor That Works talks to Zohar Adner about the Gift of Stress.

How about a conversation with you the reader. In her vlog Barbara Hughes of Intellectual Capital Consulting actually talks to us in Making Customers Matter: Eight Things You can do Right Now.

Another theme running in the submissions dealt with performance appraisal. The first of these is from Cathy Martin at Intellectual Capital Consulting.  She asks the question Managers and Appraisals: Why Don’t They Get Along? 

Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership tells us How To Be Accountable and Hold Others Accountable. This is a story all of us can identify with.

Part of being a good manager and doing good performance appraisal is being a good listener. Kevin Eikenberry of Leadership & Learning tells us how to listen better in Want to Be a Better Listener?

The final blog in this catagory deals with facilitation, a key skill for any manager in making a group perform better. Mark Stelzner of Inflexion Advisors offers us 5 Tips For Great Facilitation.

The next set of submissions dealt with improving or discussing the field of HR. Always a popular topic. A few of these posts offered interesting perspectives. Such as:

Ben Eubanks of Upstart HR offer us 30+ Ideas for SHRM Chapter Leaders. A great read that all HR leaders need to pay attention to.

Jason Seiden tells us to be wary about When Employees Have Personal Brands: A Cautionary Tale. And given that everything written is telling employees to have personal brands this needs to be read.

A couple of submitters talked about training. These include:

Lastly in this set of submissions two writers express pride in their employees. Being proud of your workers speaks well of the company and these two folks sing the praises of their people.

And of course I would be remiss if I did not include myself in this fine mix. I would like you to think about the future in a Strategic Planning Alert: The Changing Face of America at HR Observations.

HREvolution was held May 7th & 8th. The next Carnival of HR will be hosted by Ben Eubanks at Upstart HR and will deal with posts from that UNCONFERENCE. So stay tuned for that.

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