An Aggressive USDOL Means Jobs: Interested?

The “New Sheriff in Town” is hiring. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, in her aggressive campaign against employers is in need of “deputies.” You cannot conduct all those enforcement activities without people. So the USDOL is in a big hiring mode. If you have ever considered working for the government and want to apply your HR background this may be an opportunity. The Feds, just like any other employer needs talent, especially management talent (that is an understatement, but we won’t go there).

If you are in need of work, can swallow your pride (just kidding) and go over to the “enemy” (your HR friends may never talk to you again) here is the link to DOORS (DOL Online Opportunities Recruitment System) where you can view jobs that are available.

I am not sure what the long term prospects may be, but if you stick around, the Federal Government may be the only organization that will be able to afford to pay pensions.

3 thoughts on “An Aggressive USDOL Means Jobs: Interested?”

  1. Hi Mike: As a "Fed" now for 33 years this month, I will say that I entered the "system" originally because I wanted job security. Yes, it can be a bureaucratic machine, and sometimes not always a well oiled one, it is honorable work. And, if you check the statistics, the federal government pays very good salaries for middle management positions (average is around $120,000). You can also check out federal HR jobs at (you can even set up a profile there to be automatcially notified whenever a job is posted that meets your criteria). Happy hunting!
    Karen Burton, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

  2. Thanks Karen. Many people intially seek government jobs for the perceived security. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it is not. It is indeed honorable work if an honorable person is doing it, just as in any job. Some of my comments were tongue-in-cheek.

    Thanks for the additional website information. Best wishes.

  3. Mike: I know your comments were tongue-in-cheek (having been a former student in your class in KSU, back in late 2002) – Smile. And, yes, for us honorable ones, we do shoulder a huge amount of work. And speaking for my job in VA, I understand all too well what "exempt from FLSA" means. 12 hour days with 8 hours of day are usually the norm. However, in this economy, I still feel blessed! Take care.

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